Sunday, August 26, 2007

Illustration Friday: Visitor

Normally I do not re-use art for Illustration Friday. This weeks is an exception.

If you see the white-out and paste-up marks on these, you've guessed correctly that these are old.

really old.

Like, I was shopping these around to cartoon syndicates, and getting favorable comments and a possible shot at newspapers, when another cartoonist had this other idea about a kid and his stuffed tiger.

Needless to say, his won out.

But I still think my strip idea, called 'Out There,' stands the test of time. I based it on the obvious idea of aliens coming to earth.

Only they have virtually no invasion force, and can't even communicate well with the locals.

I wanted to say something political with the strip, and have fun too.

I thought it fit well with this weeks theme. Those of you who remember Bloom County will see a similar delivery in my pale comparison.



Siukwan said...

Haaa~ Funny comics! I love the "No Parking" sign! It makes me laugh!

claudine hellmuth said...

great strip! sorry it never took off! love the concept!