Sunday, April 13, 2008

Say hello to my lil' friend

To all of you who voted, or at least noticed my dark-sided friend, thank you!


Anonymous said...
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Andy J Smith illustration said...

congrats on the big win! That illustration was loaded with humor. I wasn't brave enough to move off the beaten path of sweet, safe humor with mine. Good for you! Also, have to mention how much I dig your fun, raw illustration style! I was in the hallway checking out your piece next to Brian Lies and Sue Sherman and they were gushing about your work.

Frank Dormer said...

Thank you, Andy! I do have to admit I paid them both to say that.
I appreciate the comments. Hope to run into you sometime.


Jennifer said...

Hi Frank- I saw your poster in real life, too, and the thought struck me right away-- awesome! Love your work.

Frank Dormer said...

Thanks Jennifer. I see you are a CT resident too. Hope your trip wasn't too long.