Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Tools Artists Use

I have been featured on a blog called The Tools Artists Use. It's about the tools, um, artist use. You can see my input on the subject here. By the by, my favorite tool is featured in the portrait above.


Erik Mallinson said...

Terrific interview. I'm also a uh, watercolorist, and I'm curious what type of scanner do you use?

scoops said...


It's an Epson 4870 photo scanner. I found it on ebay a couple of years ago. It had a good Dmax rating, which translates to 'it scans watercolors well.'



Erik said...


Faith E. Hough said...

Very interesting interview! I have some info on Waverly pens, if you're intrigued...apparently the slogan referred to three pens made by the same company: the Pickwick was named for a Dickens work, the Waverly for Sir Walter Scott's, and the a mystery. Here's a link with info from the descendent of the original makers:

Mônica said...

Great interview (and what a great blog discovery!)

I have to look for Waverly nibs... I use Brause 66, quite nice as well.