Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pen in the New York Times

My latest picture book, The Obstinate Pen, is part of an article on 4 new picture books that reflect on creativity in the child. As a long time advocate of children and creativity, I am both awed and excited about this. Awed because little old me is mentioned along with Kevin Henkes, D.B. Johnson, and Eileen Rosenthal. Excited because the review hits the nail on the head regarding the child's approach to creativity. I could go on and on about this topic, but I will mention the article here and jump on my soapbox another time.

The article will be in this Sunday's New York Times. The article is titled "The Imaginative Arts."

The review is a wonderfully positive one for Pen, and the author of the article has my undying gratitude.


Matthew Cordell said...

Congrats, Frank, that's great! Love your literate bunny, too.

Frank Dormer said...

Thanks, Matt. The book will be in the NYT on the 15th too, as editors choice. Yipee!! Seriously, thanks for the comments. They are much appreciated.